Start your weekends off right with Happy Hour Group Coaching—a brand new LIVE coaching call with me at 4:00pm central every Friday afternoon. You can call in during your evening commute, while you’re still at your desk, or from the privacy of your own home. It is up to you! And if you can’t make the live call, recordings will be available for those who sign up.

How does the call work? Once you sign up below, you’ll have access to a private call-in phone number and access code that will connect you with me and the other group members on the line. Each call will be unscripted and based on live questions and comments from participating callers and/or write-in submissions. Content does not have to just be about pornography and sexual addiction recovery and questions of all types are welcome (spiritual, relational, etc.). Each call will last approximately 1 hour. PLUS—participates are able to stay on the line to chat with each other even after I hang up! How cool is that? Should I become unavailable for any reason, the call will be rescheduled for another day of the week as a make up and as always the recording will be provided for each member each week.

What else do you get? In addition to the coaching call, participates will receive periodic text messages and exclusive emails from me each week containing encouragement, inspiration, and challenges for your recovery journey—plus be the first to access my new resources as they become available. And each participate gets 25% off one-on-one coaching with me should you decide to do that.

What’s the catch? There is no catch, but there is a small, weekly fee to participate. The Happy Hour Group Coaching is just $5.99 a week—that’s less than a dollar day to grow your circle of accountability, strengthen your recovery, and deepen your relationship with God with this unique group coaching experience with me as your personal recovery coach.

The first call will take place on Friday, August 10 at 4:00pm central time and will continue each Friday thereafter. Sign up below! Cancel anytime by requesting a cancellation here