Position: Part-Time Contract Counselor/Coach

Living on Purpose is seeking a female clinician to join our counseling team. Living on Purpose Coaching & Pastoral Counseling provides virtual coaching and counseling services to women, teen girls, and couples facing a variety of emotional, relational, and spiritual issues. Our primary clientele are women facing pornography and other unwanted sexual behaviors (see SheRecovery.com). Candidates should have experience working with women facing these or similar issues and be comfortable addressing these issues from a faith-based perspective.

This is a part-time, contract position. We desire that this contractor be available to see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays to help round out current clinician availability—however schedules are flexible and contractor will keep their own schedule.

Living on Purpose provides all scheduling, invoicing, and Telehealth platform via SimplePractice, Zoom platform for group, and promotion to help bring in clients.

The Contractor:

  • Must be able to practice virtually as Living on Purpose serves clients from across the United States and Globally. If you have a state-issued counseling or social work license, check your state regulations to determine if you are allowed to counsel virtually—without risk of losing license. Living on Purpose is a non-clinical counseling practice and cannot provide supervision hours for clinical candidates.
  • Must facilitate a SheRecovery Virtual Group as part of the position. Date and time is chosen by contractor, but cannot conflict with current group dates and times. Contractor will earn monthly commission for facilitating a group. Contractor will be required to shadow another group of their choice for 3 weeks prior to their own group starting.
  • Will receive 65% commission on session fees including cancellation fees as well as commission earned from facilitating a group. Living on Purpose does not accept insurance so all clients pay out of pocket—leaving our services below market to make every effort to make our services affordable. Living on Purpose’s services are available on a sliding scale of no less than $50 per session and to not exceed $75 a session. Contractor will be paid on a biweekly schedule (two times per month).
  • Is responsible for conducting complimentary, 30-minute phone consultations with prospective clients. No fee is paid to contractor for these consultations. Contractor will determine what a client will be charged for on-going services based on needs addressed in the initial consultation.


  • Masters-level training or degree in counseling, biblical counseling, or coaching and/or relevant certification from reputable program
  • Experience working with women facing unwanted sexual behavior or similar issues
  • Must be allowed to practice virtually and across state lines, if licensed (with written consent)
  • Must supply own and show proof of liability insurance
  • Must be available up to 15 hours per week including group facilitation
  • Must sign contract between Living on Purpose and Contractor with annual review
  • Must attend staff meeting via Zoom for accountability, support, and discipleship
  • All applicants will be subject to background check

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