Are you a female addicted to pornography? Does your husband struggle with understanding your struggle pornography or sexual addiction? Or maybe you’ve never even talked to him about it? I have written a worksheet to help couples navigate recovery together.

This 3-page worksheet is designed for the husband of a female addict whose wife is actively seeking recovery. It is recommended that husbands read Dirty Girls Come Clean as a crash course in understanding female addiction as well (PDF download available below).

There are few resources tailored to help the female pornography addict. Back in 2011 when I wrote my book, Dirty Girls Come Clean, it was only the second book in print that addressed female sexual addiction. Since then, other women have begun to step into this arena; writing and sharing their stories. However, there still remains nothing available for the husband of the female addict. The women I work with are oftentimes married and ask me for advice for their husbands. That is why I chose to create this particular worksheet. I have a real desire to educate husbands who are struggling to understand what their wife is experiencing and to help them process their own feelings about it with their wives. It is my prayer that this worksheet brings hope and healing to marriages working through with this experience together.

My recovery coaching services are also available for one-on-one sessions for women or for husbands and wives who may wish to meet with me together. I do not coach men one-on-one. Complete an application to receive more information and I will be in touch shortly.

Upon submitting the order form below, please allow 12-24 hours to receive your PDF worksheet by email (but typically you will get it within an hour!). Add [email protected] to your address book or email safe list to avoid it going to your junk/spam folder.