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Here are some of my most requested topics:

S.C.A.R.S. — Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction:
Pornography addiction is not just an issue for men and boys. In this message, I share my personal journey of healing from an 8-year pornography and sexual addiction that began at just the age of 10. This message concludes with 5 steps to overcoming these struggles that can help you or someone you know.

Redefining Identity — Our Past Does Not Define Us:
We tend to identify ourselves by 1 of 3 things: by a behavior, by an insecurity, or by something that has been done to us. This presentation will help women (and men) to throw down their former identities and pick up their true identity in Jesus Christ.

Your Kid is Watching Porn — A Warning for Parents: It has been more than 20 years since I was first exposed to pornography at the age of 10, but pornography has only become more mainstream, easier to find… and hide. In this message, I seek to empower parents to be proactive, brave, and smart in today’s porn culture.

Single on Purpose — Answering God’s Call Now: There are misconceptions that as single women, we must wait live out our God-given purpose until we’re a wife and a mother. Or that as women our only role is to be a wife and a mother. In this message, I challenge women in every life stage to answer the call God has for their lives today… and not tomorrow.

Love of a Father — Healing Our View of God: If a woman has a dad who is emotionally unavailable, abusive, or even out of the picture then she will likely see God in a similar way. In this message, I hope to heal our view of God by revealing the love He has for us as His own children and to accept the love of a Father for ourselves.

I would love to speak to your group or conference on these or many other topics and I can customize my message to fit your needs.

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