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About Crystal

Crystal Renaud Day, MAPC is a pastoral counselor, certified life coach, consultant, podcast host, speaker, and author based in Kansas City. With over 15 years of ministry, coaching, and counseling experience, her focus has shifted to providing leadership and vision to her team as well as consulting services to churches, counselors, and more.
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  • "Crystal is a trailblazer in the movement to combat sexual exploitation. She is one of only a few women to give voice to women struggling with sexual addictions. We have had the opportunity to host Crystal as a speaker at two of our international conferences and she received some of the highest reviews from the audience. The resources she has developed have helped countless individual women to find freedom and recovery from sexual addictions and trauma.She is an expert... and beautifully and humbly shares personal experiences to present a stronger picture of what women face today.

    Dawn Hawkins Sr. Vice President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
  • I came to Crystal when pornography had a stronghold in my life. She was the perfect person to talk with about my struggles as I didn’t feel judged sharing them. She showed an enormous amount of compassion, which I desperately needed as the guilt and shame became overwhelming. With her help and coaching, I mustered the strength I didn’t know I had to overcome the addiction. Thanks to Crystal, I got my life back under control and am even enjoying the fruits of a healthy dating relationship.

    Estita H. Coaching Client
  • Crystal has been an answer to prayer in that she was exactly what I needed to get to the next step in my recovery. Her understanding but professional manner helped me to trust and open up while also forcing me to confront what was holding me back. She is real, heartfelt and always has the right thing to say. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help on the road to recovery.

    Amber H. Coaching Client
  • Crystal gives a powerful testimony of overcoming sexually addictive behavior including pornography—a subject that most seem to forget women wrestle with. As a speaker to girls grades 6-12, she was able to convey her message in a way that was understandable, with conviction, and at the same time, age appropriate for our younger attendees. Crystal’s ability to tie in her story of struggle, salvation, and weave in scripture is the perfect fit for those looking for a message of becoming whole and holiness.

    Julie Gray Harvest Baptist Church, Blue Springs, MO