We walk alongside women and teen girls as they navigate their next right step in order to embrace healing or bring about a desired change in their life. We offer unique helping services to meet the needs of a variety of women facing an assortment of life events and circumstances.

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Designed to empower and support, coaching deals in the present to help a person maximize their God-given gifts and potential and to set and achieve realistic goals related to life, health, faith, recovery, and more. Our coaches are certified in their field of speciality and are here to motivate, encourage, and provide new insight into a person’s unique journey.

Guided by biblical principles, our counselors’ role is to utilize questioning, empathetic support, problem definition, reflection/reading assignments, encouragement, and prayer to provide wise, biblical, and faithful counsel to those who are hurting and in need. Note: The counseling we provide is not a clinical service. While all of our counselors have hold masters-level degrees in counseling specialities, they are not licensed. There will be no attempt to render a psychological evaluation or diagnosis. Our counselors will make recommendations if referral is needed to a clinically licensed counselor or treatment center.

Spiritual Care/Direction
Although emotional feelings do play a role in the spiritual life, spiritual care/direction is not a substitute for counseling if you are struggling with emotional or psychological distress. Whether an individual wants to grow deeper in their relationship with God or even heal their view of God and self, spiritual care/direction provides hope, encouragement, and guidance to promote spiritual maturity. Spiritual care/direction is provided by a certified ordained senior chaplain on our team.

Regardless of why you seek coaching or counseling, it is our desire to make your experience valuable as well as flexible. We know your time is precious, but we also know that life happens. Our sessions can take place over the Phone (or WhatsApp), or via Telehealth video session. We also offer a free phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit and to discuss your individual situation.