Guest Blogger Series

May 14–May 19 – I am on vacation #1 of 2.

For a few days, I’m visiting my friend Jennifer at Grad School at Auburn University and from there, I am spending some time in Atlanta with these wonderful people.

In my absence, you’ll hear from amazing guest bloggers here at Each of different ages, backgrounds, some have been blogging for years and some are new to our community. I have no doubt they will “bring it” – and you won’t have time to miss me.

Enjoy. 🙂

I’ll probably be back with things to say come Sunday… while I am in Atlanta. After all, I’ll be with the blogging power-couple themselves.

While I’m gone, you can follow my twitter and facebook mobile if you want!

Do you use Skype? My username is “pinkhairedgirl21” – look me up and we can totally chat/video chat. Woohoo!!!!

My status

(Vacation #2 begin May 23… more info to come).

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