coming home

hey folks,

i am currently sitting in the gate at Dallas/Love Field. This place is actually quite the no man’s land. I am in gate 32 which seriously was at the total opposite end of the airport from check-in. That was super annoying – walking seriously almost a mile with a computer on your shoulder. I couldn’t wear it like an actual backpack because of my recent and still quite painful tattoo on the other shoulder. I finally made it down the huge hallway and all I can say is, "thank God for the concession stand" – I was able to get water.

Why is it SOOOOO stickin’ hot here? I’ve been hot all weekend. Poor Anne and Chris probably think I am psycho. I am still hot sitting here. Oh well.

I am just wasting time before I can get on the place and head home. Thanks to Anne and Chris for allowing me to bombard their home and stay with them, visit with them, meet their friends, shop with me, eat with me, get tattoos with me, etc. I had a great time.

I miss you again already.


oh yeah, I got to see Dave Lingenfelter too!!


  1. But you’re coming home to us… and you love all of us… RIGHT?!?!?! And starting tomorrow, we work together!!! YAY!!!

  2. i can’t believe you got to see lingenberry! i need to get in contact with that man and let him know i’m commin to texas! glad you’re home!

  3. Dave

    what up all? I love you too! Miss ya ton’s. Hope to come up soon. It was so cool seeing my favorite little pink haired girl.

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