Hello friends. I am officially home from South Africa. Presently, I am just trying to stay awake to more easily adjust and avoid jet-lag.

In case you missed it — check out the 3 entries I was able to make from South Africa on our team’s blog. (chooselife08.wordpress.com)

I will be writing about the trip, but I am right now, just 3 hours removed from a plane and too tired to be coherent. I am looking at some video right now (I took a lot more video footage than pictures this time) and am so excited to post some of it.

This was an absolutely beautiful trip… and an important trip that I can’t wait to share all the many details about with you. Thank you for your prayers and support up until now. AND thank you to the guest bloggers that kept my blog busy while I was away.

Here’s a sneak peak into some of the shenanigans that went down…


  1. jennifer

    welcome home ! all of your guest bloggers were awesome, but i am glad that you are back.

  2. Welcome back home and thanks for asking me to guest blog. You and your blog ROCK!

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