I Made It!!

I made it safely to the Dallas area. My flight was fairly interesting though. I was on American Airlines and the flight was completely full. Luckily the seats were assigned and I had requested a window seat. Joy.

Anyway, there were babies EVERYWHERE. One in particular was having some issues and cried the entire 1.5 hours we were in-flight. That didn’t really bother me though since I had my iPod… but one man was NOT happy. He turned around to the mom of the crying baby and said, "you need to get your baby to stop crying" she then said, "like I am purposefully making my baby cry" and he proceeds to say, "well you just need to discipline better" and this is when I thought the mom was going to jump him…. she said, "don’t you dare tell me how to discipline my child" … he shut up after that.

People of the blog community – especially men – you need to know to NEVER cross the path of a woman and her baby. It is dangerous ground. And to you – Mr. Mean Baby Hater… a mom has very little control over how a 9 month old baby behaves. Get a life.

From the airport we took the long way to Anne‘s place. We stopped by one of Lake Pointe’s Satellite locations (Anne works for Lake Pointe Church), drove around Lake Pointe (the church building), got gas, Chick-fil-A and now I am here. Their apartment is real nice.

More updates later as my weekend adventure gets more exciting…


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