LifeGroup Online: LIVE!

EDIT AGAIN:: Looks like Mogulus ate our video of tonight’s group. I am still trying to figure it out – but it looks like it didn’t keep the recording. Sad!!


EDIT:: We’re all finished for the night, but stay tuned. I am going to post a video from tonight’s first group. You’ll be able to see what all we talked about and what this LifeGroup Online thing is all about!


Hey all… and welcome to LifeGroup Online! You can participate by pressing the “play” button in the video below or CLICK HERE for a larger view (I find that the chat is easier in the larger format).

I am so excited that you’re here!!


  1. stink…i wanted to go back and look at your face. 🙂
    you did a great job and i am looking forward to what is going to happen.

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