did you know i have kids?

Child sponsorship has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so not about guilt-tripping, but if you have ever considered it or perhaps didn’t even know it was an option, I encourage you to pray about it, budget accordingly and sponsor a child of your own. Although none of us can change the world, we can change the world of one child.

The love, comfort and provision child sponsorship brings to the lives of these kids is a tangible example of Christ’s love for them. And that to me… is worth every penny. And its not even that many pennies at just $32 a month.

With your financial assistance, you can give a vulnerable child what they urgently need: food, education, medical care, and most importantly, the knowledge that somebody cares for them—that someone outside of their circle of existence wants a better future for them. That simple thought can be inspiring and life-changing for a child in need. Your help can be the critical link for the well-being of the child living on the edge of poverty and despair.

I do what I speak.

I first met PhaPhama in March 2007 during my first South African Mission. Soon after I returned to the US I began sponsoring her through One Life Child. Around Christmas time 2007 I felt called to sponsor another child and in January 2008, Mediatrix joined “my family” through Compassion International.


Mediatrix Nabwire
Birthday: February 8
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
Program: Nsoono

View the first letter I received from Mediatrix Nabwire

PhaPhama Maqeda
Birthday: March 15
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Region: Africa
Country: South Africa
Program: Oceans of Mercy


  1. Sponsored a Compassion child from Uganda several days ago through Rocksinmydryer — Irene Nabwire, 6yrs old whose birth date is the same as our daughter, but Irene is 5yrs older — wondering if she’s sister to yours? VERY anxious to make whatever difference that we can — Wish that we could take care of them ALL!! What a beautiful and worthwhile trip they are making!! *Ü*

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