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If you don’t know what a lifegroup is – that is just a fancy word for a bible study but we are so much more than that. We are most definitely a lifegroup. A group of strong & powerful women encouraging each other to seek more after God, to be honest with ourselves and to be honest with one another… we are on a mission: to be examples to other women on how to have healthy relationships with other women.

These women are my best friends. They are my sisters. I love these women more than any one else on earth. They know my deepest and darkest and yet – they still love me too.

Although the "group" began forming 2 years ago with just the original four of us – we’ve grown to a strong eight members with the wonderful new women who have joined in last few months. The longer we’re together the more in love with them I become. It is hard to believe that I could ever love them ANYMORE than I already do. I never fully understood the power of God’s devine plan for community until I met these women. A true Christ-centered community.

I could not function in this world without the pillars these women are. They hold me up… they hold me accountable… they hold me just when I need to be held. They let me be vulnerable. They let me cry. They let me laugh. They laugh at me.

How is it that God knows exactly what we need and in the exact form we need it?   

Because I could never say it enough… I love you… Megs, Jennifer, Julie, Jill, Sarah, Claudia & Lindsay (not pictured).

And of course I couldn’t forget my personal honorary members, Anne & Kristi… you definitely have impacted and currently make a profound impact on my life – more than you could ever know.

To all of these women: I give my thanks and love. You are ALL truly the most beautiful of women.


  1. Aww thanks – an honorary member!! I am honored (isn’t that what honorary members are supposed to feel?)

    Can you photoshop us in? Maybe in frappucino cups…. 🙂 JK

    Love you!

  2. Awwww…. I love you too… You belong to the hottest lifegroup in the world… We are such babes!

  3. tracy

    wow. i hope i experience that type of community some day. it sounds soooo amazing. so amazing.
    i love you. and thank you for being the incredible force that you are in my life.

  4. Megan

    You are the best Crystal! Thank you for such loving thoughts. Can I have a copy of that pic or that file for my frame in my living room? We need a better pic!

  5. Julie

    Wow that’s all I can say. I love this group. I feel safe there and a girl couldn’t ask for better friends!

    I love you too Crystal.

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