Praying for Boldness

I know that if I pray for boldness, God won’t just give me boldness.
He will provide opportunities for me to act boldly.

And that is terrifying to me because:

What if my act of boldness ruins a friendship?
What if my act of boldness changes how others view me?
What if my act of boldness gets me fired?

I talk a big game but at the end of the day, I am a coward and still fear the “what if.” I know these opportunities for boldness are also opportunities to trust Him. So, I guess the bigger question comes down to, “What if I don’t trust God enough?”

Can you relate? Is there an area of your life that God is asking you to trust Him and be bold regardless of the outcome?


  1. Wow. I’m asking myself the same question now and I can’t honestly say that I do trust Him enough to stand up to my boss at work (for example.) (Then again, I have a good Christian boss so that’s just an example.)

    I can think of other times where I wasn’t as bold as I should be and I look back and say “wow…it wasn’t worth it to not stand for Him.”

  2. Good stuff! I listened to a pastor/teacher not too long ago who said…it’s not a trust factor as much as it is a love issue. It really hit home with me…when he said that we would trust God more if we truly believed He loved us. We only trust when we feel loved. For me, that is so true. I can say that my trust issues really do seem to stem from my love issues.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend standing up to your boss at work. He also trusts God and God may be telling him different things…

  4. you keep posts like this to yourself you know…geesh…good one providing a good ‘ouch’ factor

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