Project 365: January 18, 2010

In preparation for a magazine photo shoot I have coming up… I went shopping over the weekend. I needed a new outfit because according to my mom, I don’t own anything nice enough.

Unfortunately I am the height of most hobbits and fairy-tale figures, so I have a difficult time finding nice pants. I found a great pair of jeans/pants that I loved—that went well with a blouse I also found. And might I add all of which were on sale.

Yay me.

But the jeans were about a foot too long. So, I made my way over to a tailor today. To be honest, I’ve never been to a tailor before. I am just really hoping they turn out well.

I’ll find out in a week.



  1. i have the same problem…being short and all. i can never find short pants…and the shorts at stores are usually too long still.

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