Random Question Friday

We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’ve decided to do something new here on Fridays with “Random Question Friday…” Generally, the question will be silly or funny – but every once in a while it may just be thought-provoking. Who knows. So, without further adieu…

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What totally grosses you out?

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Me: Bruised bananas. Not only are they mushy and slimy, but they also exude a rotten/sweet smell from across the room. Today, someone at work thought it would be funny to leave a nasty, bruised banana on my desk. Really wish I knew who it was.



  1. … I'm with you on the bruised banana… BUT they make the best banana bread &/or banana pancakes. YUM!____My kids gross me out… Being a Mom has given me a greater tolerance though for all things disgusting. 🙂

  2. Not much grosses you out once you have kids but I'd have to say that liver grosses me out – it's a texture thing, open-mouthed burps (I get that they sometimes sneak up on you but PLEASE!), and fishy-tasting fish – YUCK!

    just sayin'


    1. Nothing makes me happier than to know I will never live with my brothers again. There is absolutely no way I could do it.

  3. Road Kill….not just your ordinary side of the road, stiff, all in tact road kill. The ones where their parts are just scattered across the road…or those that one half of the body is still in tact and the other half is like flatter than a pancake. When you look….quickly look away, but the image stays with you for a little while. You know the kind. Icckkkk!!!!

  4. Charlotte

    What grosses me out is when people mix their food when eating. ie: mixing peas or corn with mashed potatoes. Yuck.

  5. Any kind of banana grosses me out … but way more than that … feet gross me out. I can literally be brought to tear by someone touching me with their feet.

  6. mmm, makes me think of banana bread. i just made some two days ago, but it's gone and i want more. yum! although, after reading those other comments, i'm not the least bit hungry. blech.
    i don't get grossed out too easily, except at the beginning of pregnancy–almost everything makes me gag, and then gagging makes me gag… it is kinda gross when the dog eats the baby's poop, though. but then i don't have to clean it up. i just can't think about it too much. (btw, this only happens when we're having an emergency cleanup and i have to set a dirty diaper on the floor for a couple minutes; we don't usually leave poop laying around the house). and i'm with erin–i've been covered in baby vomit and poop and everything else enough that it's just nice to get a shower when i get a chance, but it doesn't gross me out as much as it would have before having a baby.

  7. eating sushi SLATHERED in mayonnaise. I just had a very bad experience with this in Japan and had to either a). throw up in my seat or b). run to the bathroom to spit it out. I chose the latter, btw.

  8. This is random and, on a scale of 1 to 10 probably rates a 1 but, I hate feathers. I saw someone on tv the other night with a feather as an eyelash. I couldn't continue watching. I hate it when the get any where near me.
    If I lived up north, they'd call me a big soft lass. I have to admit to that one!

  9. Roxanne

    Uhh if THIS is what grosses you out, I will have to restrain on my comments. I can think of some pretty nasty, foul things that would put you in a coma for sure!:) BTW, that banana looks GOOD compared to the one I would have set on your desk!:) That was just an open invitation woman!

  10. The lady who was sniffing up/coughing out some disgusting sounding stuff in the stall next to me at Olive Garden today….

    1. eww…. the only thing about traveling i dislike is having anyone cough or sneeze. there's no where for the germs to go, except up my nose…

  11. jasmin

    Mayonnaise or miracle whip I do not eat it and if my kids want it on a sandwich Jason has to make it. I also despise Tomatoes, but I will eat tomato products ie: ketchup, salsa. I just do not like the slimy part where the seeds are or the skin. I will not eat pico or picante sauce, it has to be well blended.

  12. amy

    The thing that grosses me out would have to be mushrooms. I'm not sure why. I just don't like them.

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