1. Here’s something. A guy walks into the doctors office with a frog on his head. A nurse comes up to him and says, “Sir, is there something I can help you with?” At that point, the frog pipes up and says, “Yeah, I need to get something done about this growth on my butt.”

    But yeah, you’re looking like you could definitely use a pick-me-up there today.

  2. This is the greatest post eva. I love those pictures. You are so fabulous. You should drink some coffee. Thank you for praying for Jackie.

  3. I have something fun. Why not assign captions to your pictures by playing the “What is Crystal thinking” game.

    Pic #1 – I think I am addicted to blogging…
    Pic#2 – and I should go get a banana but I am too tired.
    Pic#3 – Thanks for calling, this Crystal banana, how can I help you…uh, we don’t sell bananas…sir, I am very sorry you have the wrong number…yes, this is the church. Why would a church sell bananas?…sir, I am very sorry. Hey I like blogs to.

  4. Alternatively, you could go to my blog and visit all the Fantastic Friday tags. Look for the one on online games. Very fun!

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