What Would Jesus Email?

Upon arrival to work this morning, one of the first emails I read was one sent from Jesus Christ.

Yes, I’m serious (you can read the email by clicking on the image below).


Basically the email says that if I don’t follow through with its instruction of sending my name, email and phone number (which why does “He” need my email address if “He” sent me an email already) that I could reap spiritual consequences.

Obviously, this is a SPAM email. And I got a good laugh on an otherwise typical Monday morning. But it got me wondering… if Jesus were to email me this morning, what would He have to say?

Would His email discuss my attitude toward only drinking water and limited my meals/sizes this week (as part of a challenge my church gave this weekend), or how I rudely talked to my mom last night, or the thoughts I have about some of my co-workers, or the tone in which I emailed a sales lady about a wrong order, or… or… or…

Probably. But I think He would also say how much He loves me despite all of those things and ask that I do better…

What would Jesus say in an email to you?


  1. That’s a good question. I think our immediate response says a lot about where we are with Him and how we see Him. I’m ashamed to admit my first reaction was that his e-mail would tell me to quit flailing around, focus on what He has in front of me and move forward.

  2. Lynette

    I think Jesus would tell me that he loved me unconditionally. He would tell me that he died so that I could be free, healed, and made whole. I think he would tell me to stop focusing on my own sin and start focusing more on him. He would tell me that he promises to complete the good work he started in me and that as I grow closer to him the Holy Spirit will grow stronger inside of me giving me a new heart and new desires. I think he would tell me that his grace is sufficient for me and that in my weaknesses he is strong. He would remind me to love others especially the un-lovable and then tell me to have a wonderful day and that he was coming back to see me one day. ( :

  3. I think Jesus would tell me how amazing I am and how I am a survivor. He would tell me how proud he was of me for the person I have become despite my obstacles. He would tell me to continue to pray for my loved ones, and he would tell me lastly, how blessed I am to have Crystal as a friend!

  4. I think Jesus would say to continue in the akward incomfortable moments I am putting myself in. He would tell me what you are doing right now is something I want you to learn for the future. Learn patience and know I am always behind even though it feels like you are a fish out of water. I am there loving you and supporting you every step of the way.

  5. He would say this:

    the winning lottery numbers are: 123456789

    BUT you can’t keep this money to yourself. you have to give it all away to help others.

    o_O so ironic.

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