I Have a Beef with Old Navy

Perhaps I am too sensitive.
Or perhaps I am totally right on.
You can decide that for yourself.

Here recently the commercials from Old Navy have become more and more odd in their delivery.

Their “supermodelquins” ad campaign was already weird. But now they’ve taken it to a new level that has actually been rubbing me the wrong way.

This new ad campaign is a spoof of America’s Next Top Model but with real girls competing to become “The Next Supermodelquin.” They get elimiated as they fail to live up to a mannequin’s standards of poise and beauty. Even going as far as to say to the eliminated girls, “Never give up on your dreams of being fake.”

The competition is also being held online for real people (women, men and children) to submit their pictures to be chosen… and then be transformed into a supermodelquin of their own likeness.

Is this encouraging our girls to once again aspire for a perfection that they can’t possibly reach? Or am I reading too much into something that is meant to be oververtly silly?


Disclaimer: I am not offended enough to boycott them or anything. After all, they are the only place that I find petite jeans that fit. I am just disappointed with this ad campaign… especially coming from a company so family-friendly and that is almost completely free of sexually explicit advertising.


  1. I might boycott simply because they only carry horizontal stripes. Not cool, Old Navy, not cool. Perhaps it’s their way of reminding us we’ll never be as skinny as the manequins. lol. ha.

    1. Crystal Renaud

      I am perfectly okay with satire. But satire is almost always missed on young girls. And this idea of not measuring up will still creep into their hearts and minds.

  2. I think they’re attempting satire but I’d want to see who gets chosen to be turned into supermodelkins.

  3. Totally does not make me want to shop there. Its creepy advertising, even if it is meant as satire. There is so much truth in this satire, it kind of makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I think the contest is just taking it too far.

  4. I think they’re fun. And funny. I worked for Gap, Inc. for years and a few of those years were at Old Navy. I love the company. This totally fits their brand.

  5. I’d love to see companies just push their merchandise….but many attempt to sell or promote a lifestyle. I, like you, get “satire”…but when you’re 12…not sure that’s the healthy approach they know how to have when viewing this kind of stuff. Old Navy and soooo many other companies know that. They are so intentional! Not so sure that humor is how you sell clothes to young girls…that’s why I’m with you on this one. I don’t know if you’re gonna find many clothing stores that really care about girls having a strong body image, or they wouldn’t do most of what they do…in my opinion.

  6. I’m not sure about the perfection issue, but I agree with most of the people here that it is a creepy approach to marketing. I think my daughter probably put it into perspective, “I’m not sure what they are selling or who is selling but I’m dieing to know who wins and why.” Prompted a family discussion…

    Keep up the great work Crystal!

  7. jennifer

    i don’t know if it’s offensive, but it is very creepy !

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