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Just wanted to share with you what’s new over at the Dirty Girls Ministries website. Check it out for yourself or get the lowdown below.

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We are very excited to announce the addition of a discussion forum to our website. Meet other women struggling with pornography addiction, share your own story, submit prayer requests, pray for others and much more. We pray this forum will expand our reach and bring hope to even more women feeling they are alone in their addiction right now. Visit the forum today!


Dirty Girls Ministries is looking for a female intern to assist with the ins and outs of our ministry. This position is voluntary with flexible hours and can be done remotely from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Responsibilities could include email correspondance, moderation of the new DGM Forum and typical administrative tasks. Applications due April 1. Apply now!


Dirty Girls Ministries is now offering a limited number of advertising opportunities to products, companies and organizations that we feel are a good partnership with our ministry.

We consider each partnership a sponsor—because with each ad purchased—they are helping fund our current ministry and our vision for the future. Learn about our financial needs here.

If you feel your product, company or organization would partner well with the ministry of Dirty Girls, check out our pricing and complete our sponsorship inquiry form.


  1. Jasmin Harrington

    Well, I must say… I am proud of you for taking these monumental steps. You are learning to let go of some of your responsibilities. NOW… you must learn to deligate. Also, I looked at prices for advertisement… Maybe when I start doing hair for celebrities… oh wait I already have one! Love you Crystal!

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