africa update, website & an incentive

support deadline #2 came and went and i am doing really well. i had exactly enough to cover the second deposit (a non-refundable $1000). support raised to date is $1500 and have A LOT of prayer support so… THANK YOU FOR THAT!

i want to share with you a new section of my website that i just launched… oh a couple hours ago. it is dedicated to my mission efforts (whether that is short-term, for now or long-term, later). you can read about my upcoming trip in march, help full-time missionaries, sponsor kiddos, sign up for my prayer team and lots of other things. check it out and let me know what you think!

the following request is completely voluntary, but if you’d be willing to post the following sidebar on your blog, myspace or any other form of mass communication, that would be awesome! if you post this… let me know… and i will send you a nice (little) surprise. shameless, i know but the importance is so great. not only would this highlight my current need of financial and prayer support, but it could also benefit other missionaries (listed on the site), oceans of mercy, one life child and compassion international.

thank you for your continued support of missions. the impact is eternal.


ps. i gave a facelift. if things look weird, let me know.


  1. Nice blog…I found you through Los.

    I just got back from S. Africa and Zimbabwe last month. Amazing experience. I will be praying for you!

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