you’re my test audience…

hey — okay so if you’ve been following my twitter at all you know i have been mulling over something for a while. some grand idea that involves blogs, blogging and bloggers.

well, here it is:

i am brainstorming the idea of forming a major bloggers event – centrally located in kansas city held in NASHVILLE some time in thinking late spring/early summer of 2009 february 2009. (why all the strike-thrus)

just imagine it. bloggers JUST LIKE YOU from all over the nation gathered together in one room. finally bringing these long-distance relationships together.

if this is really going to happen, i will need your support in promoting it from your blogs. but for right now, i just want to know… would you attend? use the poll form below to make your opinion known (and comment me your thoughts).

(you RSS readers… there’s a poll here… take part!)


  1. Maybe a Blog Retreat Crawl? Go to one, all the food/drink you can stand. Then drive hours to the next one, then the next one, then so on around the country. How’s that?

  2. lol…sorry, don’t mean to laugh but it was pretty funny that you came up with the idea that was already being discussed. Don’t you just hate that.

    So, will you be going to the Bloggers Retreat (I don’t know what we’re calling it yet) next year? Lisa and I will be there. Hope you can make it!

    Oh, and sorry Brian stole your thunder. 🙂

  3. Your idea was awesome. Proof of that is that it is happening and now it will be that much better that you’ll be there.

    I am looking forward to this!

  4. I think this is an awesome idea, maybe just a tid bit bad timing with gas prices so high, unless of course youre near that area.

    But then of course, its not as if they’re getting any lower.

    I would def. promote it and would try to come if we had the gas money to do so.

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