So, I am just going to copy it…

Heather wrote the following post yesterday and in the comments I replied with “I hear you. In fact, I could copy and paste this very post into my own blog and it would ring 100% true. Thank you for being real and for saying what I can’t seem to. Praying for you.

All day yesterday, I just kept coming back to that post and how so much of it — just totally mirrors my life at the moment and in the last few months. I finally decided… what the heck… I’ll just copy it. It says everything I need to say and without the gory details.

So, here’s my heart, wrapped up real nice by someone else.

“I am, for the first time declaring that I am pissed at God.

I find myself able to fall into his strength and love when my world is falling in, but today I have been confronted with something fairly simple and yet I am mad!

I feel like I have sacrificed so much for him (relatively speaking). I have been patient, attempted to be open and willing and given up so much. What fuels my anger is the fact that as I’ve continued to struggle, I have seen multiple ways out and into the light, but then last minute things turn black again. It is so frustrating.

Sorry for being real and so vague all at the same time! I only share because that is what I do here. I share because I know there are others out there who are pissed too.

So I sign off as a pissed off woman of God who is confused, but willing to keep on trucking if it means I will bring him Praise! H”


  1. I’ve been there. Sometimes there & back daily. Up one minute, down the next.

    I know God has brought me to forsaken Indiana for some reason, but can’t figure out why.

    We have done nothing but struggle since we’ve been here. Makes me angry, but also curious…what am I supposed to be learning in all of this?

    Hang in girl!!

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