10 things I’m not afraid to admit…

i’ve seen this done a couple of times and thought i’d do it too.

1. I still sing in front of the mirror with my hairbrush, on a regular basis. Although I find that my bathroom has better acoustics than my bedroom.

2. I can easily consume an entire can of Salt & Vinegar Pringles in a single sitting.

3. I am not a fan of standing-ovations. I am generally the last one to stand up, only because I end up faltering to peer pressure.

4. I put a lot of pressure on you, this blog and technorati for affirmation and self-assurance.

5. If I really want a recording of a song or performance but not enough to buy it… I’ll first find a high quality version on YouTube and then record it through GarageBand while its playing on YouTube. Its a delicate process of being perfectly quiet for the duration of the song and some quick-handedness. And although I don’t condone it, it works pretty well, I must say.

6. I love everything Casting Crowns has ever released and I’ve bought it all.

7. There have been times during a sermon or conference session that I’ve been so bored, I’m just waiting for the prayer so I can close my eyes.

8. I overslept for the ACT on purpose and never took the make-up test. I didn’t want it on my permanent record that I’m not book-smart.

9. I watched American Gladiators and Nashville Star religiously. And I watch Sex and the City every night and have seen it in its entirety at least a half-dozen times, thanks to late-night TV.

10. I twitter pretty much every thought that pops in my head. I am sorry if you follow me.

I feel better.
Your turn.


  1. Because of #4, here’s a reply 😉
    I definitely agree with #3, feels so forced!

  2. # 6 just put some serious limitations on our blogging relationship. Casting Crowns?? say it aint so!

  3. re #5:

    You don’t need to do that! You can download a free mac application called ‘Audio Hijacker’ (or something a lot like that… I’m on my work PC right now) that will accomplish the same thing, only it doesn’t use your microphone, it records whatever is going through your sound card. So you just simultaneously play the video and record and you’re all set… no being quiet! :0)

    I like to do with for audio that can’t be purchased. For example, tonight’s worship service at Buckhead Church!

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  5. Great idea for a blog post. I may need to steal this one some time.

    #8: I completely forgot about my SAT’s when they came around. Oops. I ended up registering late for my ACT’s, not studying, and not doing so well on them. Doesn’t seem to have hurt my education and career any, though.

  6. chris

    we so can’t be friends of the casting crowns thing!!!! and nashville star please!!! American idol all the way!!! my confesion is that i like to use exclamation points way too much!!!!!


    I can’t stop!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If you twitter everything that pops in your head…there’s a problem.

    I have to physically stop myself from twittering everything that pops in my head. I wouldn’t be able to do anything else all day. Just sit & twitter…and ramble…like I am right now.

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  9. Thought I’d comment on your “admit” list…

    (you have to have the list in front of you to understand responses)

    1. Who doesn’t?
    2. BBQ Pringles for me.
    3. I agree. (unless I’m totally moved and really wanna stand)
    4. Who doesn’t?
    5. ROFL (no really… I’m picturing the elaborate process) ROFL.
    6. Good stuff.
    7. Then you never heard me 😉
    8. ACT what?
    9. I would not admit this 😉
    10. We’re not sorry!

    Have a great day,
    M@tt Clark – creative guru and design extraordinaire

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