As previously mentioned, I have plans to write a book… but I need your help!

With the working title, “Dirty Girls: The New Porn Addicts,” this book will discuss the widespread, yet silent battle women are facing with pornography addiction. While talking about this topic might ruffle some feathers, that’s exactly what I want to see happen.

And that’s where you come in.

I am looking for a team of “feather-rufflers” to blitz the heck out of this idea on Tuesday, February 10 … via any and all forms of social networking method (ie. blogs, emailing contacts, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.).

Why February 10?
Good question.

On Tuesday, February 10 — will launch. This site will encourage participation in three different types of surveys. One for present addicts. One for formers addicts. And one for friends and family of addicts. The surveys are going to be used to help collect statistics and will be vital for gathering information to help define the direction of my book. And it will be your task to direct people to this site and encourage their participation in these surveys.

If you choose to accept this mission/challenge, I will be back in touch with you one week prior to the February 10 launch. At that time, I will provide you with a link to blog/website widgets and survey/book information for your use on February 10. I may also ask those available, to voluntarily participate in a test launch of the site/surveys.

I know how valuable your time, your contacts and your personal internet real estate is. And it is with much respect that I ask for your help on February 10.

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Crystal Renaud is a twenty-four year old writer and communications professional living in the Kansas City area. Crystal is on staff at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS. She has spent much of the last 12-18 months voluntarily counseling women with sexual addiction through the use of her own story and under the supervision and mentorship of licensed Biblical counselors. Her writings can be found on her blog of almost 5 years,


Dirty Girls is a book that will discuss the widespread, yet silent battle women are facing with pornography addiction. Surveys will be conducted at beginning Tuesday, February 10 for women presently addicted to pornography, for women who have overcome a pornography addiction and for friends & family of women addicted to pornography.

Through analyzing these surveys, as well as conducting interviews with those who have been affected by pornography, author Crystal Renaud will use her personal story of redemption as well as Biblical and practical tools for recovery, to show women they are not alone in their battle and the hope that freedom from a pornography addiction is possible.

More can be found at beginning Tuesday, February 10, 2009.