There are few things I am more passionate about than seeing women freed from the shame and stronghold of porn and sexual addiction. And there is no audience I love to speak to more than high school and college girls.

Why? Because I was once a teenaged turned college girl addicted to pornography. I personally and intimately understand the shame and isolation of this addiction. Click here to learn more about me.

Five years ago, God placed a fire within me to bring female pornography and sexual addiction to light and provided the immense opportunity of having my book Dirty Girls Come Clean published by Moody Publishers. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t even made a dent in Church culture regarding these issues and I believe that it is the next generation of women that is gonna get it done. It is the next generation of women that are the hardest hit by today’s sexual culture and who understand that pornography and hypersexualization is not just a man’s issue.

I have a heart for these young women and a desire to provide help, hope and healing from the shame, guilt and isolation that this addiction creates … so that their own stories can be used by God to bring even more women to freedom. And my greatest desire is that God would use my story to prevent these young women from repeating my own mistakes.

There’s still time. But we have got to start talking about it. . .

So with that, I would like to introduce the Dirty Girls Come Clean Campus Tour.

The Dirty Girls Come Clean Campus Tour is an on-campus freedom experience for women. It is an opportunity for your youth ministry or college campus to begin the conversation about female pornography and sexual addiction and break down the walls of secret and shame.

While every location is different and the format is flexible (especially for youth ministries), my 3-day format would look something like this:

  • Day 1: I would arrive the night before or that morning and get to know you, your staff, resident directors, etc. and even do Q&As on how to approach these topics with your girls on campus (ie. creating next steps and follow-up for after I leave… this can also happen before I even arrive).
  • Day 2: The actual event(s) when I will be speaking to your female students on the issues of female pornography & sexual addiction (or specific topic of your choice) and share my story (this can be an event, Q&A, breakout, whatever you feel would best translate to your students).
  • Day 3: I will hangout in the Student Union or Common Area where girls who attended the event(s) can come meet me, speak with me, ask questions, etc.

I am also available to speak at women’s ministry events and churches on many different topics including Living Single on Purpose as Christian Women, Pursuing and Keeping Healthy Friendships/Relationships, Faith Dilemmas/Distorted Views of God, Women’s Emotional Health (emphasis on Depression/Anxiety), Support Group Facilitator Trainings, Church Communications and more. Just ask.

If interested in bringing the Dirty Girls Come Clean Tour to your church or college campus, please complete my Speaking Request Form for availability & pricing. Limited budget? No worries. I am happy to work with you.

I am excited about breaking down these walls together!

With hope,
Crystal Renaud
Author, Speaker, Coach

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“Crystal came to speak at Cedarville University for our annual women’s event last January. I have never experienced anything like what happened through her vulnerability and willingness to expose truth on sexual healing. There was a captive audience of 800 college-aged women who wept in their brokenness and simply sat still, soaking in the restoring power of Christ. After Crystal finished speaking, the event went on for another two hours…the presence of God was very heavy in the place and very clear to all. The after effect of Crystal’s speaking continued as girls formed accountability groups that are still going on today. I highly recommend Crystal to any venue that dares to allow Christ’s light to shine in an area that is so dark.”

— Hannah Yelinek, Cedarville University

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