Foot Woes

This is kind of a weird prayer request, but I mentioned it at LifeGroup Online last night and felt I needed to share with you too. After all, more prayer can only further help me, right?

Okay, here’s the deal… over the last 3ish months of building endurance and working out on a regular basis, there has been one thing keeping me from my full potential with my physical activity. And it was certainly unexpected.

My feet.

I have weird feet. There, I said it. I have big, flat feet and they are causing me a great deal of pain while I workout.

The pain that radiates in my arches, I am going to go so far as to say is worse than when I had kidney stones. It actually causes me to have to stop moving and stretch my legs, ankles and feet throughout my routine — even though my body and my mind have much more left to give. This causes my heart-rate to reduce and makes my workout all that much more ineffective. Any will power and discipline I have to get on any piece of exercise equipment is quickly lost when the pain begins to set in (which at what I can figure is at about the 7 minute mark). To put that into perspective for you, I am at a 40-45 minute workout routine now. So that means I am in a great deal of pain for a good 33-38 minutes. For a while I was able to endure it and keep going, but now…. it is simply unbearable.

And it is beyond frustrating.

But there might be hope for me. The wife of one of the pastor’s I work with is an athletic trainer and practices sports medicine. I have an appointment with her on Saturday and she believes she can help solve my foot woes. And I am asking for your prayers that something, in fact, can be done about this. I simply can’t grow further in my fitness efforts and keep going strong with the pain like it is. I also know that if it doesn’t get taken care of — there’s no way I will be able to do the Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Thank you for your prayers friends.

AND if you have any advice, I will gladly take it.


  1. I will pray for you. Now I have a new respect for you and I ask myself “What is my excuse?” I was going to tell you to see some kind of professional for your feet, and I am happy you are.

  2. Belle, our youngest has major foot problems. She is in braces right now, but shoe inserts are also an option for her.

    If you are in that much pain, I would see a dr. about it and have custom inserts made for your shoes. There is no reason you should be hurting that much.

    Also, with my arthritis, my feet hurt so much at times it feels like I am walking on glass. I have found that the addidas supernova gym shoes are the cushiest, coziest shoes out there. Totally worth the money. I have found them online for $57, but they are normally $89 or so.

    Hope you can figure out something soon!

  3. See what the trainer says. Then get those shoe inserts or a new pair of shoes. If you getting new shoes get them now so you can break them in before your 3 Day Walk!

  4. Leslee

    sounds like plantar fasciitis … i have big flat feet too and I dealt with similar stuff that you’ve mentioned … we (my doc and athletic trainer) decided it was plantar fasciitis and I learned some stretching stuff and haven’t had many problems sense then … i’ll be praying for ya …

  5. Karyne

    My mother-in-law also suffers from plantar fasciitis and it can be debilitating. She uses really good inserts and some stretches. She takes great care of her feet now. See the trainer and the doc.

    Take care of yourself.

  6. Hey Friend…
    I have the same problem and it is so very frustrating. I have found that doing Yoga in addition to cardio really helps open the muscles and body up. It stretches out the whole body with your feet and leg muscles to work together. Things like downward dog, warrior I & II and tree. There are others if you want I would be happy to pass them on. I will be praying for you!!

  7. when a person exercises, they must use good shoes. This is especially important for those with flat feet. After visiting with the trainer, be sure to go to a shoe specific store and buy some appropriate shoes. My daughter has flat feet that caused her all kinds of discomfort. Add in a good pair of shoes that address the arch and it is alot better. Not perfect, but alot better.

  8. Also, keep in mind that exercise shoes only last so long. If you have a pair of shoes that is over a year old, they are no good.

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