attention please…

I have made the decision… 


Wait for it… 


Seriously… take breath…






I am getting the TATTOO…!!!!! 

I am ready to bite the bullet. In
two weeks…. while in Dallas
visiting my dear sweet friends Anne & Chris

I’ve had a design picked out for
3.5 years now so it isn’t a hasty decision… What has kept me from
pursuing getting one before is my mother. Not that I need permission, but I do
want her blessing on it. I respect her enough for that. but last night I told
her straight out… “Hey, mom, I am thinking of getting a tattoo when I go to Dallas"…
(insert dramatic pause here for expected rant and raving)… but instead
in a totally expected twist she says… “Well just make sure all of your
immunizations are up to date.”

Uh… excuse me? I don’t even know
how to take this one… is she bluffing? No kind of "your body is a temple
… that is not the wise thing to do" speal? Well… alright then!


In another unexpected twist… my
mom and I went up to her work (she’s a nurse) and SHE GAVE ME MY SHOTS!! I was
like, “uh this weirdest thing that she is actually helping me take further
steps in getting my tattoo…”

Oh my gosh. I am so excited now. I
talked to several of my friends last night… about their experiences and I am
sooooo pumped now.

2 weeks, baby… 2 weeks.

My tattoo inspiration: This
necklace was given to me by my MOM for my high school graduation, but was
forever lost a year later when I was working at camp. I was so upset. I had
already planned to make it my tattoo but at 18 years old it would have been
hasty. I was always going to wait a little while to make sure I still wanted
this design and yep I still do! The colors I am thinking are to have the cross
be just the outline in black and the daisy to be a dark pink/fuchsia…


My tattoo placement: I am pretty
sure this will be the location of my tattoo…


Friends: You must keep me
accountable in getting this done. But don’t tell my dad… haha…


  1. los

    OK. Here is the deal. GO BIG or you will regret it. Congrats. I want to get tatooed in Texas.

  2. It’s like a huge step into adulthood when your mom helps you get a tattoo…
    Shoulder is good as long as you aren’t into backless dresses… You better post about the experience!!!

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