baring it all… too

i was inspired by anne’s post and here i am. below is me. with make up, and without. with doing my hair, and without. i remove that barrier between you and me. here it is. here i am. and i challenge you to do the same. eek. yep. posting.



now come on… join in on the revolution of real.

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  1. you’re too sexy for your photobooth
    too sexy for your photobooth…
    so sexy…it (can’t think of anything that rhymes,sorry) πŸ™‚

  2. You look WAY better than I do in make-up. Come to think of it, you look way better than I do without makeup, too.

    PS…thanks for linking to my site. I’ve decided to go with a boring hosted blog at though.

  3. To finish Anne’s ryhme – so sexy, it beats Aunt Ruth? LOL.

    No in all seriousness, do you think this bearing all will work for the guys, since we typically don’t wear make up? At least I don’t.

    At any rate, I love it.

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