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my one-week blog fast ended 2 days ago but what followed has been a writer’s block (of a sort). the problem is, i have several things i could theoretically write about, but i can’t narrow down or really put into comprehensible words. the biggest of which is how God’s been doing some pretty cool stuff in my heart here lately. how does one explain the workings of God? i know i don’t do a very good job at it.

remember a while back how i talked about taking everything personally and always try to “fix” things? i believe i am finally overcoming that hurdle. nothing that happens has anything to do with my comfort. plain and simple.

that’s all i got for you today. i know it’s vague. but the other possible blog post topics circling my mind include:

a game of chess
transcending understanding
finding my voice

it is my hope you’ll be intrigued enough by these titles to pick one for me to write on next.


  1. adria

    she-pastors. my dad is always making his view on this known, and i know my view. i’m curious to know what you think.

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