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blogs you’re not reading

our discipleship pastor/interm admin pastor is now blogging. he is just starting out but i encourage you to check it out because i am sure there will be a lot of wise words there. he’s also a big reader so will generally have some great reads on his sidebars–and probably ones you’ve maybe never heard of.

Matt Adams’ Blog

our director of college and young professionals has a blog that is sure to challenge. it is a blog originated for the college ministry, but he’s made it into quite the thought-provoking read.

Jon Nelson’s Blog

great blogs i’d read more if they ever updated

Restore Worship

Phil Ayres

and another thing…

who are you reading right now?


  1. Oh man, it’s been forever since we’ve heard from the Bald One. I used to have his podcasts in my iPod all the time. I hope he’s doing ok.

    Hey, what’s that plugin you (and Los, I assume) use at the end of your post to link back to the comments section? Looks like it’s used to get people reading from a reader back to your site to comment. I wouldn’t mind using something like that.

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