can someone’s self-esteem be too high?

first, 19 responses is the highest amount of comments i’ve ever received on one post… and definitely the highest i’ve ever received on a “roll call” post. very cool. i learned a lot about you all. i am continually humbled that you decide to stop by here on your way to somewhere better on this massive world wide web.

on another note, lately i have been challenged with the idea of “can someone’s self-esteem be too high?”

i’ve always been an advocate for healthy self-esteem. if you were to ask one of my friends, they’ll say that i am quick to say, “i am hot”. i’ve been this way for as long i can remember. case in point and the reason i post this question today: when i was in the restroom yesterday at work, i looked up to the mirror when washing my hands, was taken back suddenly and clearly remember saying to myself out-loud, “dang, you look GOOD today.”

but did i?

when it comes to what the world has to say, it is easily put, “you’re super short, you shop at lane bryant cause you’re so fat, you wear glasses cause your eyes are too bad for contacts, your teeth could definitely be whiter, you don’t have a college degree, you don’t have a boyfriend, you draw on the ends of your eyebrows cause your mom waxed them off when you were 12 and frankly, you have hideous hobbit feet.”

obviously i am not too above the fact that most of these things are true, but because i choose NOT to focus on my negatives, is my view of self too high? or is it that i just have a healthy view of self when most people don’t?

i love that i color my hair all different colors, i love my funky glasses, i love wearing high-heels, i love that i am a computer nerd, i love that i am only 5ft tall, i love wearing make-up that’s too dark for me, i love mcdonald’s breakfast, i love that i sing at the top of my lungs in my bedroom and actually think i could be famous, i love shopping with friends even if i can’t fit anything in the store… i love me, and i love that about me.

this could quite possibly be the most random post i’ve ever posted.

what do YOU love about yourself?


  1. Jennifer

    what i love about me is that God loves me and lives in me . there is nothing more important than what God thinks about me.he does not look at what is on the outside he sees what is inside.

  2. doesn’t paul write somewhere in the bible that we are to have an accurate assessment of ourselves, but also not thinking too highly than we ought?

    ain’t that in there somewhere? if it is, then i think our self-esteem can be as HIGH as reality permits it to be.

    so, if you really were looking DANG good yesterday, then that’s totally acceptable!

  3. Actually it can. It’s a diagnosable condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I have an ex-wife with it. Believe me, you’re far from it.

    More to the point, I think a good midpoint is biblical and is actually quite healthy for us. Think too little of yourself, and you never get anywhere in life. Think too highly of yourself and you alienate everybody around you.

    Oh, but you asked what I loved about myself, not what I thought about your post. Umm…I’m tall (6’5″) and I play the piano like nobody’s business. Actually, I’m not quite as good as Rich, but I have always been asked to play in worship teams wherever I’ve been. I’m a good dad, too.

  4. Man, Crystal, I think I love you, too! You are amazing. Come to OK and visit us, k? We’ve got a big house with lots of room.

    I like me, too. I think one reason I like myself is because I really care for people. I’m a genuinely nice person.

  5. Roxanne

    That I don’t love ME anymore. That’s what I love most.

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