couple of prayer needs…

Dan Southerland, one of our guest teaching pastors and his family are need of our prayers right now. His daughter-in-law has been having a difficult pregnancy with twins experiencing premature labor & bed rest. Well, after extensive efforts to slow down her labor over the last several weeks, she is having to have them now at 31 weeks. Still early, the babies are going to be about 3lbs. a piece. Please pray for everyone during this time of anxiety and excitement. Dan was scheduled to fly in to speak tomorrow but due to these events with his family, he is of course, backing-out.

Randy Coleman, another one of our guest teaching pastors over the last couple months is able to fly in tonight and quickly prepare a message for tomorrow. Most pastors spend about 20 hours for sermon preparation; he will have just a few hours. Pray for God’s revelation and energy for Randy.

Thanks, friends!


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