1. Oh wow…I’m going to name past and present, of course my past is still present, but eh…well I’m going to name a few. 🙂

    I have and probably will always have a crush on Michelle Phiefer and lately my “heart (or part of it anyway) belongs to” Rachel Blison.

    Since we’re talking embarrassment when I was young I used to have a crush on Ellen DeGeneres. Later on I found out that she liked girls just like me. :-/

  2. Jennifer

    I have had many a celebrity crush in my day… The most embarrassing of them all…. hmmm…. I really dug Chad Allen and Neil Patrick Harris… There’s gotta be a lesson in that somewhere! I loved(and still adore) Christian Bale… He’s dreamy!

  3. Julie

    Well hmmm…. I had a Kirk Cameron poster up when I was younger. Oh and I had a thing for Chris O’Donnell. I’m not gonna lie, he’s still pretty darn cute.

  4. LOL, so funny! I totally had a crush on the lead singer of Ratt…Stephen Pearcy (sigh)……

  5. katie holmes. huge crush. i loved dawson’s creek just so i could stare at her 🙂

  6. jennifer

    i used to have a crush on George Michael and also Harrison Ford.

  7. Crystal – remember me from Anne’s blog?

    Well, mine would be Harrison Ford until I found out that he’s my mother’s age. That killed it.

    This is NOT a crush, more of a “guilty pleasure confession” as a music person. Since I don’t know any of you I can share here where I am mostly anonymous. 🙂

    I LOVE these two songs but am not a country music fan:
    1)Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys – Willie Nelson

    2) The most romantic love song – “I’d love to lay you down” by Conway Twitty……

    it’s bad, i know! And I just showed my age to all you younguns!

  8. Celebrity crush? okay.
    Joe Jonas.
    yes. I’m one of those girls.
    oh oh. and patrick dempsey.

    that’s not the most embarressing though. the most embarressing is a real live person that might happen upon this blog. so i’m not telling. :]

  9. My first celeb crush was Fred Savage from the Wonder Years…I fancied myself in love with him for a long while…

    These days…John Cusak. I don’t know why haha! I guess just his movies and he just seems so…ummm…I don’t know :o)

  10. Most embarrassing? Tom Petty. Yes, I actually thought he was cute.

    But he was among a great list of crushes…

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