Dallas, Day 2

consisted me sleeping while anne went to work for a half day.

then i went up to meet some of her co-workers. very nice people.

ate chick-fil-a. there’s some different and wonderful about eating it in texas.

anne took a power nap. i caught up on email.

went out to see SiCKO. generally i am anti-michael moore, but this film is too important to miss. go see it.

dinner at taco diner. fish tacos. beuno mucho.


1) a better one of my new nose

2 & 3) messing around at urban outfitters

4) on top of the parking garage. dallas.



  1. one word of caution: make sure your nose screw doesn’t come out while you’re sleeping. mine did that and grew back together before i woke up. 🙁

  2. true that clay, i was cleaning it last night and it fell out. there was some freaking out. but everything is back in working order now. 🙂

  3. Aww. I love it when you guys visit each other. At any rate, I hope you are enjoying Texas.

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