delirium after midnight: episode three

before or after viewing today’s video, please take a moment and read the note below.



some of you have asked us if these videos are scripted… oh no. we couldn’t make this stuff up. but, we’d LOVE your feedback. during this week of our video series we want to work out the bugs that come with video-blogging. our biggest curiosity is whether or not, you’re actually enjoying these videos. as i am sure you’d understand, the whole reason for these video blogs is purely for fun and while WE think they are amusing, whether or not YOU think are… is more important. please take our little voting poll below. it is anonymous so you can be honest!

as we move forward with our video-blogging (which will be roughly one video every one to two weeks) we’d love to know what sort of topics you’d like to see us talk about. if you have a suggestions or even feedback, email us at [email protected].

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  1. I love how even at 4:30 in the morning, you’re mocking hillbillies at IHOP! I also love that you say words just to see Angies reaction too! I can’t wait to guest star on delirium after midnight…

  2. Hey….I saw you on Carlos’ facebook…your video is amusing! I thought I would comment since you “never” get them”…sad!! HA.

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