1. Yes. No. Well, a lot of the time. A prayer can be done without a bow of the head, and I do that sometimes when I’m in a busy place. I have to admit, though…I don’t way too often.

  2. oh my thatis SOOO FUNNY.
    Ummm…i would say that when im by myself, i usually dont. but if im with other Christians, i usually do. But i think our prayers are so fake and memorized…that unless we are truly entering into conversation with God over our food, i think those redundant prayers are pointless. thats just me.

  3. No, but I really have to steal this video cuz’ I have way to many friends who pray as long as this guy.

  4. Sometimes I’ll give thanks.

    I heard a story by Perry Noble. He was at a church event for high school kids. The staff had ordered pizzas for the kids. Before dinner, the host of the event asked Perry, “will you pray for dinner.” Perry agreed and prayed, “Jesus…thank you for this pizza. Amen.”

    The frustrated host looked at Perry and asked, “Why didn’t you pray from the heart?” “I did! replied Perry.”

    Sometimes I get frustrated with cliche meaningless prayers, ya know? It’s almost like there’s some mold that we have to fit our prayers into:”God, thank you for this day, thank you for this food, etc…Amen.” It’s like, did you REALLY even mean that?

    I dunno… 🙂

  5. Tam

    Totally pray before meals with the mindset of being good stewards…so i agree with Noble…Long, drawn out mechanical “meal” prayers will get my food all cold and that is not being good stewards of what He just gave us 😉

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