i was sent this video by a staff member and …. yeah it’s from GodTube.


at first i was like, “oh this is going to be super cheesy and just like all the other Jesus-dramas” but my heart soon changed. there’s something about it that rocked me and made me say, “yeah, i’ve been this girl”. i related in a way i never have to a drama before. to me, it’s a very real picture of the bondage of sin-which i know too well. the song within it has crossed my path several times in the last week and its caused me to examine my heart.

is He all i want? is He all i need? yeah… actually He is. thanks for the reminder, lord.

just watch – despite the GodTube-ness (and the slow intro).

the crowd cheering at the time of her victory is particularly powerful.


  1. Ok, it reminded me of the countless worship dramas I was in through the late 90’s. That was until the end, when I started crying – God speaking through the cheesiness into the heart of victory. I especially love that when she was victorious, Christ was being beaten. Powerful!

    Definitely Fantastic Friday worthy!

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