filling you in on a secret…

its been a while since i’ve written about it, but if you’ve been here for very long, you know that my heart is in South Africa and i am called to full-time missions. for a little over a year i’ve been prayerfully seeking God’s will and His timing for something to come together.

i am not wanting to get ahead of myself, cause nothings final, but i suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you about what i am currently pursuing. you see, i have been in discussions with Thrive Africa, an organization dedicated to “training up Godly leaders in South Africa” about a full-time position in South Africa. the position is as a graphic designer that would oversee the design of school curriculum, brochures, tshirts and all kinds of fun stuff. in South Africa!

this would be a commitment of at least 3 years.

while i still have to be selected and nothings final, after their preliminary questioning, they have officially asked me to begin the formal application process. this is sort of a big deal, because the process as a whole is fairly extensive and for them to be this interested in me – is very cool.

couple things: if chosen, they ask that i take a 2-month trip over there. for me to feel things out and for them to feel me out. my current employment is willing to work with me – in the event that it isn’t a good fit for me – i can return. something else that is like, “uh, okay God, You’re gonna have to do something BIG” is that this 3 year+ mission requires about $1300-$1500 a month in financial support – to keep me (ANY missionary) over there.

this is why i am filling you in now. this is gonna take a lot of prayer. and if it comes together, it is gonna take a lot of green. ultimately God’s got this – so prayer is the most important. even prayer for right now as i am filling out and sending the formal application.

GO HERE to stay in the loop and join my support team. whether it is for prayer, financial or both, i would be grateful, if you were to sign up. (even if you have signed up in the past – please do so again – promise, last time).

you rock.


  1. Well, i’m fasting on Friday for several people in need of Divine intervetion on different levels. So guess what?! Your now on the list too. Do you have any verses of scripture you’ve been relying on for this process. If so, send them to me and i’ll use them while i’m praying for you during the fast. Also, if you want a cool read that would go along with such a mission as this check out “Mega Shift.” Mom’s been reading it and i’m rushing her to hurry up. She’s gonna have read me all the cool God orchestrated this & that from the book before i ever get it though! I’m excited for you! It’s awesome to know when you’ve been called. Because the stuff is so far outta our reach it’s only God who gets the Glory for any of it! Praying for you!

    Crazy Heather from Tampa,FL

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