1. Hey, nice job on the v-cast, especially for your first time. You did much better than that Numa Numa guy even. :o)

    Did you know you can put the video right in your blog, so people can view it from there? Just copy and paste the info in the “Embed” box right where you want it to go on your blog.

  2. D-ohhh…you did embed it. My browser just didn’t pick it up the first time around! My bad.

  3. Happiness

    Bonner Springs….hello….Moon Marble Company!! Please tell me you walked in the store at least for a bit.

  4. Good job on the vcast, and don’t let up on Los. I have more than mild envy over the Macbook pro. My G4 desktop seems so lame. I live two hours from Bonner Springs and have never been there. What’s Moon Marble Co? Later, Shari

  5. hahaha this was so great. i feel like im right next to you. 😉 thanks for the laughs…and you’ll have to teach me your moves someday. those are wicked. 😉 haha. i love you!

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