for the weekend: generosity

this poll showed me that you had some interest in my writing about “generosity”. so i am. but i’d love a bit of your feedback (to grasp who is reading this).

comment by answering one or all of the following questions:

*what does it mean to give generously?
*when was the last time you gave generously?
*what keeps you from being more generous?


  1. Many people immediately think of giving money when they hear the phrase “Give Generously” but giving generously is more than that. I give generously of my time to anyone who asks. I give generously of my knowledge to those that want to know and I give generously of love and forgiveness. To be a generous giver to me is to give with out any expectations in return. A gift to someone else just because I can. In my life, the people who are less generous are the ones who need our generosity the most.

  2. I think giving generously is more about the spirit in which you give vs. how much you give. Russ & I have been really convicted as of late about how much “stuff” we have and that we don’t need it all. We’ve been purging alot and giving stuff away randomly to people who need it or posting it on Freecycle so someone else can get some use out of it. Russ talks quite often about how much of the world’s consumerism he sees in his job (he works in the electronics dept at Walmart) and how much he doesn’t want us to become like that or to teach Damaris that being about the next big thing is ok. So, anyway, I’ve now hijacked your blog with my mega comment, but I really think the concept of giving generously means being willing to give the shirt off your back if someone really needs it. It can’t be all about us and our stuff. Does that answer your question? LOL!

  3. Giving generously means putting the needs of others before yourself and sharing what God has blessed you with.

    I tried giving a homeless guy a bottled water this morning (it was all I had in the car) but he said he had enough. I would have liked to have given him some fruit or a snack.

    What keeps me from being more generous? My own stinking selfish nature! I want MORE stuff for ME!! I try to work on focusing more on others every day.

    Brad Ruggles

  4. tam

    yep. someone said it.

    1-Giving “generously” is more of a heart issue.

    2-When the kids and I gave our time last weekend at the food pantry.


  5. Once I gave my brother my last $20 in my bank account.

    I was good to go. God is my portion forever.

    He still is.

  6. jennifer

    giving generously means that you make a sacrifice for someone else.
    i donated to help the cyclone victims yesterday instead of buying a DVD or some other thing i do not need. and i also try to give my time by delivering groceries from cross -lines to low income people in retirement homes. Sometimes i can be a very selfish person with my money because i am afraid that i will run out of money.

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