that’s shocking!

kansas has been filled with some pretty amazing electrical storms the last few days and tonight will be of no exception. if you’ve been around very long, you know i love storms. but there is one thing about them that still makes me a little anxious…

true story:

about 6 or so years ago, my brother was electrocuted while working on the computer during a storm when lightening hit near our house. it surged through half of our electrical system. literally blowing up his computer, 2 tvs, our other computer and several outlets. not only that, he was thrown 6ft across the room and screaming bloody murder, running all over the house, holding his head and passed out on the floor of my mom’s room. by some miracle only, he was fine. from then on, if it storming, i am doing pretty much anything i can to NOT be on the computer.

kind of a random story, yes, but it ties in well with what i have been thinking about lately. does anything shock us anymore? as Christians we are called to live above reproach yet it seems that the things we once deemed “bad” are becoming more and more acceptable. (ie. drinking, smoking, premarital sex)… and i hear the question, “what’s wrong with it?”, wearing the hat of the “tolerant Christian” as to not offend anyone.

now, i am a bit more liberal than some other Christians and there are things that i too, tolerate, that a lot of Christians don’t, but at what point does sacrificing our core beliefs for the comfortability of our non-Christian neighbors – desensitize us to the point of blindness?

john piper, whom i, myself, find to be too conservative does have a good point in saying: “the question shouldn’t be what is wrong with it, but instead what is right with it?”

in this world of desensitization… does anything still shock you?


  1. to be totally honest i remember growing up thinking that in my lifetime we would never have a black president. not because i disliked people of color, just because i thought our country was so racist. whether you are an obama fan or not, i think him making it this far in the political process is something to be celebrated for our country. so i am honestly shocked this day has come. i never thought i’d see it.

  2. tyler… i love that honesty and i must agree with you. his achievement is shocking (and pretty incredible) despite one’s political affiliation.

  3. Things that shock me? when people devour other people and call it “following God.” Pride in the name of love … shocks me. Greed which does not forsake the love of God’s children shocks me. And then I grieve …

  4. jennifer

    i am shocked that smart people actually believe that global warming is caused by or can be cured by humans. i am also shocked that anyone would vote for Obama because of his questionable judgement . i am shocked that people think that they can get away with doing whatever they want, like there will never be any consequences. heard of judgement day anyone ? there are too many things that shock me i could never list them all.

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