you might think she’s weird, but…

i admit it… when i’m not watching jimmy kimmel, i watch pastor melissa scott. despite the fact that she married like an 80 year old and now pastors his church, its on at midnight on obscure local channels, writes on whiteboards and plexiglass to illustrate her sermons and ends each sermon with a good old fashioned hymn sing…

i think she is fabulous.

now, don’t get me wrong. for a while i tried really hard to find something wrong with her; with what she was preaching… but i gotta tell ya, she’s right on. she knows her stuff. generally she speaks WAY over my head, with all her latin to greek to hebrew to english translations and love for king james, but from time to time, i learn something valuable.

i just happened to catch her late last night, and was blown away by this statement:

“for God to create the world, it was effortless. All it took was Him saying it and breathing life into it. But in order to redeem the world, redeem us, it took tears and the bloodshed of His Son.”

try and wrap your mind around that for a minute. dang.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy hearing about teacher I didn’t already know about. I’m definetely going to add her show to my DVR. (I’m too old to be up at 1am to catch her live :-))

  2. Weatherman

    I love Pastor Scott. She is a excellent student of God’s Word and a pleasure to watch. Finally someone we can actually relate to and is not begging for money.


  3. yeidy

    she is married to that guy? I thought the pastor was her dad no?

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