Happy Birthday Westside

7 months ago today, it was revealed to our church staff that our senior pastor and our administrator had a moral failure (an on-going adulterous relationship). as you know because you’ve helped me walk through it by your kind words, encouragement and prayers. i thank YOU for that. i must tell you there have been many, many times when i didn’t think i’d be able to see it through. too many losses. too many trials. too many memories.

here’s some perspective though:

30 years ago today, Westside Family Church was founded. At that time it was a mission church called Quivira Road Baptist Church of less than 100 people. Thank you to those pioneers who paved the way. Without you and your obedience, we would not be where we are today. We are forever indebted to your sacrifice and generosity.

then – 100 in weekly attendance

now – 5000 in weekly attendance at 3 metro campuses.

God is good. And He will continue to see me through all of the hard stuff if I remember to make Him why I’m here at all. because when all is said and done… it is not about me. it about His church of imperfect people.

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