happy birthday to my tattoo.

read about the adventure.

one year ago i was in dallas visiting anne. got inked. so did she (again).

he was the one with the needles.

i was the one with the creation.
i gave it 3 years of contemplating the same design.
and after a year of it permanately a part of me
… still no regrets. i love it. whew.

i want another. maybe in july when i go back. i’m thinking maybe some Hebrew lettering or even something Africa-related.

What do you think I should consider getting?


and this was a pointless post. vacation recap will follow later.


  1. I’ve always wanted one but can’t think of something that I’ll always want. Plus, my job doesn’t really support the style, so I need to put it somewhere that can be covered at work. I guess I’m just not committed enough…

  2. Once I got my first tattoo, I became an addict. I am thinking about going with a Celtic lion (because of Christ, the original lion of the tribe of Judah) or a silhouette of tree with roots (planted by the springs of living water).

  3. I will pray for you because you are in obvious violation of Leviticus 19:28.

    Kidding! As an obvious violator of Leviticus 19:27 I couldn’t resist a little legalistic humor.

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