the more i think about my trip, the more excited i get. the nerves are fading and i am getting PUMPED!! i want to capture as many memories as i can so i have a request for you to help me to do just that.

although i have a digital camera for still-shots with plenty of disk space (1G), i want to be able to film and capture my own video. but alas, i don’t have a small, decent video camera. nor can i afford to buy even a crappy one.

i know this a BIG ask… but is there anyone out here who would be willing to loan me their video camera? or do you have friends with connections? perhaps you can repost about this?
even though having a video camera or not having one – won’t make or break my trip – i would appreciate any help i can get in hopes of getting one. to be able to capture in real-life motion, this opportunity i may never have again in my life… would be amazing.

if you have a small, decent video camera or are able to locate one you’d be willing to let me borrow… contact me ASAP at [email protected]. i will pay for overnight or next-day shipping, etc.


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