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Good old Webster’s Dictionary defines the word, "relax" as: to cast off social
restraint, nervous tension or anxiety.

That sounds AWESOME, but alas I’ve never been good at relaxing.

I am the kind of person who goes on vacation… does so much… and when I get back I am more tired than when I first left. I am the kind of person who has a day off of work but still has her laptop at home and works. I am the kind of person that if I am not on vacation and by some miracle I have no work to do, I go out with friends, go shopping, clean, etc. Constantly busy. I am apparently incapable of genuinely and really relaxing.

I hate that about myself.

Unexpectedly I have genuinely entered into a state of relaxation this weekend. Neither time was for a long period of time, but still, it felt SO good.

1) I was visiting my friend Happiness’s (Debra) house on Friday night. This was the first time I had been to her new house. We had just gone for sushi (which was so good that night). As I was lying on her couch just vegging out, K.D. Lang was playing on the stereo, the couch was a smooth leather (my favorite) and her house was painted and decorated in seriously the same way I would do it. I was with Happiness and Monica… some friends I don’t normally get to hang out with on the weekend… seriously I was peaceful and relaxed.

2) The second time is actually this very minute. I am sitting in the stadium seats of our new worship center (which the Gallery wifi reaches into – hooray!) and listening contently to The Well rehearsal. They are running through, "thank you for hearing me"… I don’t get to attend The Well much anymore so to get to be in here with no obligation and just listen to the amazing music stylings of The Well band… is SO excellent. Troy Kennedy leads it and does such a great job.

In other random news, be proud of me. I attended the 9 hour driving school class yesterday. It was the "get to know your car and driving rules and safety – blah blah" type of class that I obviously have taken before… I was seriously in a classroom of 15 year olds.

I decided to go back to driving school as I inch my way back into the driving world. Driving has been a huge fear of mine since my wreck 3 years ago. I haven’t really driven a car since then. Through the encouragement of friends and much prayer I am finally taking these steps.

My first driving session in next Saturday morning. I was curious SO anxious about it and am really unsure of my ability to get through it, but I am trusting that God can get me through. Please just lift up a prayer or two for me about all of that.

I am going to get back to listening to The Well band now.


  1. Happiness

    Hooray! That’s exactly the way I want people to feel when they enter my home….don’t you like the sound of that? I’ll say it again…my home. Have a great rest of the weekend and come visit me again at my home.

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