i interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

because i haven’t posted much life stuff lately so here’s the latest:

1. My good friend and co-worker, Steven was baptized on Sunday. Not only that – but he did it outside, in our church’s lake. Oh wait – and it was 50 degrees outside and the water was half ice. Yep. But he wanted to go H2O for Jesus…. so he did. 🙂 Here are some pics.

a) frozen lake water
b) steven professing his faith in Christ (with pastor tim)
c) walking into the depths of the ice cold water
d) hooray!!

s5030573.jpg s5030579.jpg

s5030582.jpg s5030584.jpg

2. Mission Stuff is going very well. I am feeling a lot more comfortable with each passing day. No doubt it due to my prayer warriors! A little bit of moola has come in and that is very encouraging. THANK YOU! I am a long way from $3,000 but it is a beginning. I know and have peace in knowing that God will provide. To keep up with all of the Africa Mission craziness you can subscribe to my e-letter or just check out my mission site for updates. I will be posting my support and expense report on there very soon. 🙂

If you would be willing to place my mission info as a link on your blog or website please let me know. I can provide you with sidebar art, etc. Thanks!!!!!

3. For those who care, I did get pink in my hair again last Saturday. This isn’t the best picture but you can kind of see it. Please do not stare directly at my massive and white forehead. You might go blind.


4. Remember a few posts back I was telling you about temptation? How the enemy is trying to use temptation of my past to distract me from my mission? Well, I went to my neighborhood Christian bookstore the other day and picked up something interesting. It is called, “peeking into a box of chocolates” and it is one in a series of devotional bible studies for women. This one is on Temptation. So far it is really good. The other one I picked up is called, “searching for God in a bottomless purse” and it is on Faith. They are very cleaver. Other topics are in the series as well. Check them out.

5. Every year I decorate my parent’s house for Christmas. Somehow about 5 or 6 years ago it became “my job” so I do it – and it makes them happy. BUT I got a late start and now it is December 13 and I am not finished yet. I wanted to get it ready during Thanksgiving since I had a few days off – but my dad wouldn’t get the 30 years of accumulated boxes out. He kept putting it off. They are in the basement and too heavy for me to bring up – otherwise I would. My parents have had their fake tree for 15 years and it is about as dead as a fake tree can get so I have been asking them to get a new one for a couple years now. Also, it is only 6ft tall which makes it look like a midget in our house (we have vaulted ceilings). Here’s a picture from last year.


Anyway, I was at Goodwill on Saturday looking for a Lucy-kind of dress (for charlie brown skit) when my mom and I stumbled across a really nice Christmas tree. 9 FEET TALL. Ok so yes, the tree is beautiful and very full… but have you ever decorated a 9ft tree? With my busy schedule right now it has taken me all week. I am almost finished but goodness it is like Everest. 🙂 I will post pictures when everything is nicely decorated. I fear that by the time I finish it will be New Year’s Eve.

6. Friday is our staff Christmas party. Basically a time to make a spectacle of the few single staff members (like me) by making them mingle with all of the marrieds and their minions. But hopefully it will be fun. No doubt there will be good food. You can’t have a pot-luck created by Baptist church staff without an award-winning smorgasbord.

6. Look at me carrying on and on. What’s going on in your life?

As Christmas inches ever so much closer please answer one, two or all of the following questions:

a. What are you looking forward to most about the holiday?

b. Are you traveling anywhere?

c. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without _______.

d. What is the worst/weirdest gift you have ever received?


  1. Please sign me up for the e-letter. I know you know all the info on me. And I know that you also know that I am praying for you. Oh and one more thing…you have been tagged. I like your tree. Your house is always so pretty at Christmas time. You are so wonderful.

  2. a. Mother-in-law’s cooking. Watching the kids open their presents.
    b. New Mexico. Its tradition.
    c. Christ. New PJ’s.
    d. a platter with my graduation date and name painted on it

  3. OMG I feel you on the church Christmas party thing. Last year? I was in tears about 30 min. in and had to leave. It was horrible!

    Now on to the questions…

    a. What are you looking forward to most about the holiday?
    New Years Eve party at my place. Woohoo! (Is that not the holiday to which you are referring?)
    b. Are you traveling anywhere?
    To see the parental units in Tejas
    c. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without _______.
    enchiladas or tamales mmm… tamales…
    d. What is the worst/weirdest gift you have ever received?
    i honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything uber weird. sorry. very boring.

  4. 1. I’m looking forward to sleeping… no work…. vacation!
    2. From my bedroom to the living room and probably back… no real travel
    3.Kouchen (german sweet bread) it’s our traditional Christmas breakfast…
    4. I got my little brother for Christmas when I was 3, that was pretty strange… He’s the worst homemade christmas present I ever got!

  5. Happiness

    a. I’m looking forward to seeing my brother (David). Thanks for lifting him up in your prayers. The next big prayer need: we need to find a physical therapy rehabilitation facility. It would be fabulous if he could get into the facility at Warm Springs, Georgia. It’s excellent AND it’s only 30 minutes away from my folks. As of today they don’t have any available beds, but you and I both know what kind of miracles God can handle.
    b. I’m traveling to Georgia.
    c. Christmas isn’t Christmas without my Aunt Linda’s fudge.
    d. I got a pair of capris with sailboats on them….and I was NOT a child. That might actually have been a birthday present, but it was so horrible, it’s blocked out all other bad presents.

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