i took some pictures

did you know i like to take pictures?

on some of our yet-to-be-used property at work/church, there is a field of awesome wild sunflowers. for the last 2 weeks i’ve been saying, “i am going to go take pictures in there”… and now i finally did. i feel a little intimidated posting these because i know there are some amazing photographers who might lurk around my blog. but i will anyway.

they’re nothing fancy. i don’t have all the bells, whistles and lenses. but my trusty old samsung 5.1 megapixel & 1G memory card do the job when i feel inspired to snap a picture.

which in my random life, is almost daily.

jennifer, i know you’ll love these.




(see angie’s artistic twist on this one here)






location: westside family church, lenexa ks
model: angie watts
camera: nothing fancy. samsung digimax A503 black digital. 5.1 Megapixel.


  1. Crystal!!! These are amazing!! You are right, I do love them… It makes me miss home a little bit… You have to give me prints of these, my apartment walls are in need of some new pictures! love love love you

  2. 1 and 8 are my favs!

    no particular reason…i just really like them…
    great job!

    (and to include me in the same sentence as daley is quite the compliment ma’am…thanks!)

  3. kim

    yay! I love those crazy wild sunflowers. One of the finer scenic offerings in Kansas.

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