i went to prom with a girl…

as i was cleaning around my desk today, i found this picture. i was reminded of a hysterical and wonderful day in my life that i’d love to share with you…

it was my senior prom.
everyone was going.
everyone had dates.
i didn’t have a date.
i didn’t want to go.

so, instead of going to prom at my high school, my bff (yes, that’s kristi applesauce) and i decided to create our own prom fun. we got all gussied up (with tiara’s, of course) and headed to a mystery dinner theatre. ended up being the worst production of anything either of us had ever seen… but wow… to remember my senior prom as a memory of fun with my best friend, instead of crying on the bathroom floor… there’s nothing better than that.

what was your prom experience like?

ps. i sure do miss my prom date. Kristi is overseas living as a missionary with her husband, Daniel in South Africa, with Oceans of Mercy. if you like more information about maybe, supporting them and their mission efforts (they are amazing and totally being used like crazy… feeding 700 kids a day!!!!!!!)… visit her blog.


  1. I took a man dressed in drag to my junior homecoming…. the girl I wanted to take was out of town and would have been uncomfortable if i took another girl…

    I couldn’t drive yet and he could. I remember him getting in the car and pulling his dress up over his knees so he could reach the pedals and seeing his hairy legs and thinking… “this is a VERY bad idea”

    but it was mostly just funny and were with a huge crowd of friends so that was fun.

  2. What a great alternative and probably better memories!

    I didn’t go to prom – I homeschooled my last 2 yrs of high school. But I’m firmly convinced that I didn’t miss anything by not having a prom experience.

  3. Senior year, I took the best looking girl from our rival school. Got a mixed reception on that one, but mostly positive.

  4. I SO wish I had gone to prom with my girlfriends. None of them would cooperate with my pleading so we went with dates. Dates that were awkward and inattentive and wierd. Needless to say after it was all said and done they wished they’d listened to me, ha.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am a new blogger… found Kristi via Whittaker… she has been amazing to get to know. I am so glad you have each other. Geography does not define a bond. It is neat to read your love for each other in your post. Christ’s heart in motion.

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